My first purse with beads

No pattern, just made it up as I went along.

That’s nice, how long did it take you? Good job!

Very cute! And the lining looks so nice and neat.

VERY nice job!

:happydance:Great job!!

Very nice ! and without a pattern.

Pure talent :slight_smile:

Nice! It is very cute

OMGosh!! :thumbsup: That’s so neat–I’m really envious of your lining–mine always turn out cr:ick:ppy!

Just great you clever girl!!

Thank you everyone! It didn’t really take long at all since it’s just one long rectangle folded in half. Even the beading wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The lining on the other hand was a real pain!

Wow!! Great purse. The earth tone beads remind me of shells and are a perfect compliment to the natural colored yarn. Looks like a summer purse that would look great carried by a beach comber.

That’s a really nice bag. Your lining looks professional.

It’s beautiful! I like to work pattern-free myself and it’s exciting when something turns out really to my liking!

I picked the earth tone beads to go with the natural colored yarn just for the purpose of a summer bag. I enjoyed making the bag and happy with the results, so I might have to make more…one for each season. Sparkly beads for winter. :wink:

Oh, and it’s beaded the same on both sides.

Hi Jackie,

I love the bag, very nice and practical. Love the colour too and also the way u line e bag.

That looks very pretty, you did such a great job on the lining!

A very pretty, unusual, unique bag! I like the beads! Adds a nice touch! The lining is also a classy touch! Thanks for sharing your knitted artwork with us! :thumbsup:

Great looking purse! Lining seems like a mystical art to me.