My first 'proper' yarn!

It’s mothers day here in the UK today and for my present I got to pick out some yarn and a pattern! Exciting stuff because all the yarn I’ve got in my very small stash has either been given, or what I have bought is acrylic. I still like it all but I’ve been itching to see what else is out there in the yarn world.

So yesterday we went to Hobbycraft and I had a look at all the nice yarns. I still didn’t want to spend too much :oops: so I steered myself away from the more expensive yarns (I’ll save those for when I’ve got more money…or maybe I can ask Santa for some :teehee: ) I had a good feel of some of them though!

I finally settled on some R2 paper and the Nip n Pin pattern. Although looking around on the Net now it seems it’s been discontinued now…I wonder why :?? I got the yarn for the brooch part in a different colour.

I can’t wait to make it :cheering:

It’s beautiful! Have fun with your new yarn. :cheering:

Happy Mother’s Day!!


Enjoy your new project!! :balloons: