My first project

Here is my first project, it is for my daughter to stay warm in this cold, we’re in Wisconsin.

It isnt perfect but its made with love.

Thank you for this site, I would have never known why I have such a hard time with patterns if your site hadnt told me I was knitting in a way that twisted the yarn.

sorry if the pics are fuzzy, they were taken with my phone.

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Good for you! I’m sure your daughter will wear it proudly!

Very nice :smiley: Your daughter will love it :cheering: :cheering:

Pretty! :thumbsup:

Gorgeous!! Way to go on the first project! :thumbsup:

What a great first project!

Very nice- great job! I’m sure your daughter will love it. :thumbsup:

Very pretty!!

OH Its beautiful!!! Is that LB Homespun??? It looks so soft and fluffy :inlove:

Very nice! Congrats on your first project!

awesome! :XX: that’s a nice colour u chose

And? What’s next? You can’t stop with one scarf!

Nice! The stitches look very even for your first project, too!

Very nice…I’m sure your DD will love it!

Beautiful! Congrats! :thumbsup: (And I love your quote about religion, too!)

good job–I love it!

yes it’s LB Homespun, my next project is a gray scarf with the same kind of yarn for my hubby. The red and white match her snow outfit.

Thank you all for such kind words.

Great job she will love it :cheering: :happydance:

:XX: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering: :lol:
great jbo great job

[color=red][/color][size=6][/size] :cheering: :cheering: love the color , looks great :cheering: :cheering: