My first project! ^^

Hi! I just started knitting when my friend became pregnant! I’ve jsut started my first baby sweater!

The Pattern

My mom came up last weekend and I managed to finish the front and the back but now I have to do the sleeves and I don’y knwo hwo to pick up stitches or what stitch markers are!

If someone could point me to the right video or just give general advice I would be very appriciative ^^

Congratulations on your first project and welcome:hug:
Here’s the video for picking up sts, scroll to the bottom, it’s one of the last videos. Here’s an example of stitch markers, they are used to mark different parts of your knitting (pattern repeats etc). You don’t have to get the fancy and expensive ones, you can always use a piece of scrap contrasting yarn or simple plastic rings. Hope i could help :thumbsup:

You already got your answers, so I’ll just say Great Job on the sweater! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! ^^

I just wanted to congratulate you on your first project and welcome to knitting! :slight_smile:

welcome to knitting