My First "Project"

I am just teaching myself to knit and here are the results of my first “project”.

My husband lovingly refers to this as his “toe blanket”. :wink:

Toe blanket! :roflhard:

It was pretty tough to make! :wink: I can probably find you a pattern if you’d like!!! :woot:

:thumbsup: Keep going!

:cheering::cheering: My first project was similar. I called it a Barbie skirt.:teehee:

You’re doing great! I like the colors.

hehe thanks for the encouragement guys.

i went and bought some plain white yarn so that it would be easier to see my stitches and i’m working on a big square or something right now…i casted on 50 stitches and last time i counted i somehow had 56!! :roflhard: not sure how that happened!

Right now I’m practicing the purl stitch and ouch my hands are hurting!! :frog:

Sometimes those extra stitches come from the first stitch on each row. If you let the yarn come around from the wrong side it will look like two stitches instead of just the one that it really is. If you knit both of those you add a stitch. Be real careful on the first stitch of each row and see if that helps.

cool thanks for that tip! I will keep that in mind

Your toe blanket is just spectacular! :roflhard::muah:

I love the toe blanket.:slight_smile:

Keep going , you are doing just fine.

I love the toe blanket!! You are doing a great job :happydance:

I can always use a good toe blanket. Never can keep my toes warm.:roflhard:

Your husband sounds like a hoot!

I’m teaching my boyfriend to knit (you know, since I’m such a pro, knitting for two whole months now) and he keeps splitting the yarn and ending up with an extra stitch. So also check for that.

Maybe the current square can become an ankle blanket, then you can knit a leg blanket, knee blanket, connect all of those to a hip bone blanket…and end up with a person-sized blanket. :mrgreen:

hehe, I’m not going to be adding on to the toe blanket. It was mostly just to get me started and see if I even liked knitting.

Right now I have on my needles just a big piece of white knitting where I’m learning the stitches and practicing them in different combinations, etc.

I bought some yarn to make a baby blanket for my nephew that will be born this week but I’m not quite ready yet to start an actual project just yet, so that will have to wait a few days at least.

I just LOVE this ‘toe blanket’! :woohoo:

:roflhard: I love that toe blanket! What a cool hubby you have there!

heh Thanks, Suzi…the magical part about the toe blanket is that it could double as a Barbie shoulder wrap or even a finger warmer!!

It’s multi-functional!! :woot:

:rofl::roflhard: that is the funniest thing I’ve heard this week.

I love your toe blanket! My first project looked like a moldy piece of pizza (it was a yellow and green blanket that I never finished so it was just a yellow triangle with a green tip LOL)

:roflhard:Too Funny!! I love it!

I was just worried about poking my eye out when I started.