My first project

Hi everyone. I’m new :slight_smile:
My name is Melodie, I’m 23 years old, and I recently (as of yesterday actually haha) rediscovered my love for knitting. I used to knit with my grandma alot when I was young. She would start a row for me and I would just knit nothing. lol. But now i live in a different country, so i cant exactly ask her for help. Hopefully you guys can? :happydance:

I went to a craft store and decided I wanted to knit my niece a baby blanket for christmas. The woman there recommended circular needles. It took me about an hour to figure out how to cast onto those, haha but i did it. I’ve been happily knitting away and I have aprox. 120 stitches. But as I go along, I’m noticing that I’ve basically been knitting a huge circle. Which is fine, because I’ve got the length I want, and it’s growing in width, but how is a circle going to become a blanket. Help anyone? Thanks!!!

The key to using circulars for blankets is to not join. That is to say, you knit just like you would on straight needles, turning your work when you get to the end of the row. So if you want your blanket to be 120 stitches, cast on 120 stitches, then turn your work just as if you were using straight needles and knit your first row, and so on.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You can knit blankets in a tube, as you are doing. It just required a larger cast on number.

Since the tube is width you want, just keep knitting around and around until you get the desired length.

The blanket will be twice at thick, making it extra cozy and have no wrong side.

When you cast off, you can seam up the the open ends. You can even seam them a few inches from the end and a little tighter to give it a slightly ruffled edging, if you want a more decorative effect.

Otherwise just seaming the ends together will give you a nice plain blanket.

oh wow… lol… well… I hope that i can do that, or i might have to start over dang it. haha. i dont thing that it will be wide enough if i fold it… But wow, thanks so much guys, this helped ALOT!

are you sure it’s a tube? if you hold one end in each hand and pull them apart, does your knitting look flat or is it a true tube?

This might help if you trying for something flat (not a tube) on circular needles. It has pictures, which I always find helpful.

you know, I’m not very “with it” when it comes to knitting lingo, so here is what it looks like. haha… I think that’s a tube right? I think by the time i stretch it off the needles and seam it together i should have that warm fuzzy double sided blankie! What do you think?


With the yarn you are using and only 120 stitches cast on I don’t think your piece will be wide enough to be considered a blanket. A scarf maybe or even a doll blanket but not a baby blanket.

Most knitters have to deal with the frustrations of having to rip out and start all over again in order to get the results we want. If you really want to make a baby blanket, you might want to start over again. Check out the link that Tannen provided and start knitting flat. Or cast on twice as many stitches and make a tube (you will need more yarn for that.)

Just think of it as part of the learning process.

Hope this helps!

well, thanks for all the advice guys… looks like i might have to start over anyhow… I think you’re right about the width… and also, I think that part of it is twisted. sigh. lol… but like you said, we must learn. We’ll see. I might just keep going with it to see what happens. It’s August. Christmas is a long ways away! :slight_smile:

Some people do like “snuggle sacks”… you could stitch up the bottom and add a two straps to the top, with big buttons. But it would be like clothes and only work for a short while.

I, personally, think you should knit the blanket… but then go back to what you’ve knit and make it into a bag FOR the blanket to be stored in when not in use. Or a tiny laundry bag :smiley:

Well, my lovely blanket turned into a lovely child scarf! lol… I had to rip and cut alot off, but hopefully it will be ok. I just know not to join now, I’m starting over tonight! woo! lol… thanks for all the advice guys! :woot: