My first project

Hey. Im Nicole. I work with Auburn Chick. She has been teaching me to knit. Here is my first project-- a scarf. I started it back in January or February and I just finished last week. Thank goodness!

Hey Nichole! Where’s the pic???

Im still trying to figure this out.

I’ll try this one more time.

The picture turned out great!!! The scarf is so unbelievably soft (y’all just have to trust me) and so pretty with the flecks of color interspersed.

My first student. I’m so proud <sniff> <sniff>.


GREAT job!!! :cheering:

Nice job! such a pretty green. What’s next???

You did a great job!

Oh that’s pretty! And a great color…thanks for showing us!


Great job! The green just looks so yummy. :inlove: You did a great job for your first project. What’s next? :muah:
(Oh, and welcome to the world of addiction :rofl: )

Beautiful!! What a great first project!

Very nice, lovely color and great job for a first project!

Good Job!

Wow, that looks 100 times better than my first scarf! Great job :slight_smile:

My thought exactly…Beautiful scarf!

So pretty! I love the way the yarn is “tweedy”!