My first project!

I’m sharing my first project. It is the Booga Bag from this web site: I came out shorter then it should have I’m not sure why though.
Here it is before I felted it:

Here it is full of my stuff(lol):

Here it is empty:

I made a lining for it cause I love pockets:

Here it is turned inside out, to show the lining better.

So what’cha think?

Wow! :noway: What an AMAZING first project! :passedout:
I can’t believe this is your first project! It’s just amazing.
My first project is nothing compared to yours :pout:
How long have you been knitting? :?? Looks like you just joined! Welcome to KH! :cheering:

That looks great!!

Aquaria–you should try the booga bag–it’s really easy, quick and gratifying! It was my first FO too!! About a year or so ago you couldn’t log onto this forum w/o reading about the booga–it was soooo popular…think of all of the threads about options…that’s how it was w/ the booga!

The best part about that pattern is it’s so easily modified if you want a larger bag. And if you use noro…the striping is to die for!!!

Really? :?eyebrow: It was your first FO too?? Wow! :noway: You guys are just all too amazing! :rofl:
I just couldn’t think about that one day I would actually be able to knit something that I could actually use…lol

[color=indigo]That’s a very impressive first project, chere! You’re gonna be a knittin’ diva in short order. :teehee:



Aquaria: Thanks :slight_smile: It was my first knitting ever so I’m very new to knitting. It was easy except that I ended up with more stitches then I should have and there are holes that once I felted I couldn’t see.

Cristy: If I could have found the Noro yarn I would have used it, no one in the store I was at knew anything about it. :frowning:

landolphe: Thank you, I hope so. I’m going for a baby blanket next :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome bag! I love the lining.