My first project!

I havn’t been knitting for long (less than a year) but in that time I hav knitted loads and become quite good!
This was the first thing I knitted and when I finished I was really pleased!
I got the pattern out of a book I can’t remember the name of right now so I will post it later. It took me about 6 weeks to complete but it was worth it. The pink wool is part cotton and part synthetic, the white is just a simple wool that is part wool and part synthetic and the silver is lurex thread. I changed the colours and the wool from the original pattern, however it came out exactly the same size as is said! I lined the bag with some cotton fabric to stop the wool stretching.
The hardest part of the bag was the heart because it was the first time I did intarsia. But it looks good and I can now do intarsia without any problem.
So as you can probably guess this is the bag I use to carry my knitting in!
Plz post and tell me what you think, thanks!

The bag is beautiful :happydance: :happydance: You did a excellent job on it.The heart is perfect


I love it, beautiful work!!!

Excellent job :happydance:

I think it’s adorable! Great job!

thankx every1! :heart: :lol:

Nice work there!

if I were to knit it again what should I change about it?

I think it looks wonderful!

Great job! :thumbsup:

You’re an adventurous knitter, that’s for sure! It looks great–good for you! :happydance:

last christmas I knitted this pair of gloves! I was really pleased coz I knitted them later in the winter yet was still able to use them loads. I knitted them using regia wool and a pattern, both of which my grandma bought me for christmas. Ii was great timing coz I was going to the lake district on holiday and so I had something to knit for the six hour car journey! I had loads of time to knit when I was up there so the pair only took me a week, what do you think? :smiley:

That’s a very cute bag!

I want to do an intarsia heart on my daughter’s cardigan.

Did you read up on it somewhere or find a pattern for doing it on your bag?

I’d love some tips before I try intarsia for the first time.

EXCELLENT work by the way. :inlove:

That bag is adorable. I love the colors. Great knitting for sure.

Beautiful!!! What a great project!

Hi Fudgie,

Your gloves look fab!!
Where did you get the pattern from? I’d love to give it a go…

I don’t know coz my grandma gave it to me for Christmas, but I can tell you what the patter is called.
It is Sirdar, Country Style, 4 Ply, Wash ‘n’ Wear. I hope that helps, if you need any more oinformation, pm me. :wink:

what an adorable bag! i love the color combination! so sweet! :happydance: :happydance: