My first project....ever!


I just started knitting…like a bit less than a month ago…I had 13 hours to waste on a flight so thought I’ll try learning to knit and now I’m obsessed about it even though I can’t really knit pretty stuff just yet!:cheering:

so the first thing i made was just a lil rectangle of messed up stitches…and now I bought pretty yarn and I’m working on my first project! its a pretty scarf!

I did cast on but I’m such a slow knitter so now I only have like 5 rows…not enough to show u guys…so just gonna put up a pic of my purty yarn now…and keep u guys updated when I’ve knitted enough to show you!


it’s the yellow/orange/red one…the other one is for making my second scarf wish is gonna be a purty scarf for my bf!

P.S I know it’s too warm for scarves now…but by the time I’m done with it it’ll be winter already! :happydance:

Congrats!! The yarn is very pretty.

aww…thank u! to be honest…I bought the not so expensive kind…hehe…hey! it’s my first project! didn’t wanna spend too much money on something that might come out all messed up!

Wow, I really love that yarn for your scarf - it’s going to be like a little ray of sunshine to brighten up the winter! Glad to hear you’ve begun knitting and headed over here to KH!!! Don’t forget to enjoy the process :woot:

lol…yea! that’s what i thought when i was buying the yarn!

and yep…def enjoying it! I found it soo hard not to pull out my needles and start working as soon as I got out of the store…

except I didn’t want the people I’m with to think I’m so hopeless…hehe


I’m so impressed that you taught yourself to knit during a 13-hour plane flight. Did you use a book? Or laptop, maybe? Congratulations! Your scarves are going to be just lovely, and you’ll enjoy them all the more because you made them yourself. Be sure to post pics of the FO’s.

thank you!
I downloaded a few videos to teach me the basics before my flight…and sat there watching them and trying to get it right for almost the whole flight cuz I was all alone crys hehe

I have like 2 inches now of the first scarf and I’m already super excited and sending pics to my friends! lol

I know I’m gonna really love knitting…

thanks alot!

by the time you’re half way thru your scarf (or your yarn) all of a sudden you’ll realize… Wow… i’ve got the hang of this, i’m not so slow anymore

and don’t worry about making mistakes, they make a knitted project have even more character than a perfect one :wink:


I hope so! I’m getting a bit faster…but still PRETTY slow! lol

problem with mistakes is…I can’t fix stuff! lol
I drop a stitch and i frog it all…i get a ladder and i frog it all…lol…and so on!

thanks a lot though!:woot:

So here’s how far I got:happydance:…and a little question…

in the image I have a lil arrow on a lil part that’s happening all the time…making it so hard to push the needle through…I have to put one needle down…pick the yarn of that stitch with my hand and pull it up a bit…then push the other needle through!:hmm:

why does that keep happening?!:shrug:

but but but…I have a lil piece of my first scarf!:woot: even though the stitches are all over the place and it isn’t that perfect…it’s MIIINE…and I DID IT! :happydance: