My first project ever! Please help

I’m due my baby at the end of may and am really determined to make a baby blanket for my little sweetheart. I’ve been researching and have decided upon debbie bliss baby cashmerino yarn. I was advised that 3.25 needles are best to use. I’m going to do big stripes of 6 different colours. My problems are that: a) I can’t find a pattern to follow, b) I’m not exactly sure if I knit every single line or should I purl every 2nd line, what effect would each have? I have found videos on youtube which I’m going to watch while I’m knitting. There is one for casting on, how to knit and cast off. Can anyone help me? I’ve ordered 6 balls of yarn from which is a shop in Dublin as I’m in Ireland :). It should be over the next few days so I’d LOVE your help! And advice :slight_smile:

I hope you’re going to have the time to handwash a blanket made from this yarn because babies are very messy. You might not want to use this for everyday.

If you knit every row you get garter stitch; if you purl every other row you’ll get stockinette. But stockinette curls unless it’s got a border of garter stitch on all 4 sides which you can knit on. Check and for patterns.

I heard that I can only handwash the blanket or do on low in washing machine. This is ok with me as I asked a lady in knitting shop as I was thinking of acrylic but she said that is not breathable and not as soft. She also said it is flammable which turned me off it! Thank you for your help. I’ve checked online and I’m just not sure how to find a pattern for this yarn, it’s confusing me. What will I search for? Also from your advice shall I just knit the whole thing to be on the safe side then and prevent curling?

Search for baby blanket patterns and browse the patterns. If you decide to just do a knitted blanket which is all stockinette stitch(knit on right side, purl on wrong side), you’ll need to have 4-5 rows of garter stitch(knit every row) on top and bottom, and each row should have the same number(4-5) of garter stitches at the beginning and end of each row to prevent curling. I hope this info helps a bit. Good luck

Can you help me with this pattern but I’ll be using this yarn:

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You can browse baby blanket patterns and see pictures of other people’s projects.
Or you can type in the yarn you have and it will show you projects that people have made using that yarn.
If you find a pattern you like, you can just substitute the yarn you have as long as the weight is pretty close, since blankets don’t have to be perfectly sized.

You shouldn’t have any trouble with that. It’s all garter stitch which is just plain knitting. But, sure we can help if you need it.

Baby Cashmerino is a much finer, slimmer yarn than the worsted weight called for in the pattern. If you cast on 107 stitches & work with the US3.25 needles, your blanket will only be half as wide. It will still be lovely, just smaller.

You can work the pattern with a double strand of yarn. Two strands carried together & worked as one on the larger needles. Which will double up the thickness of the yarn. But requires twice as much yardage as well.

Or you can start with more stitches cast on initially & add more rows of stripes. And use the smaller needles. That will make the blanket larger.

Either way will be pretty.

I think the smallest needle I have used for a baby blanket was a 7, perhaps 5 (I’ve made a lot of baby blankets). However that yarn is good for a 3.25 needle. It will just take a lot of time and love to get it done by the time your baby is here. However, be prepared to hand wash and dry it flat. The reason most baby blankets are made with acrylic yarns is that they need to be washed often and tossed in the dryer. Trust me, when the baby comes, you will never have enough time to wash things properly.

It could be worked single stranded on the smaller needles, just needing about twice as many stitches and rows. Which also means twice as much yarn too.

Yeah, either double stranding or add to the cast on plus more rows, will require more yarn. Personally, I’d go with double stranding because it is quicker to knit (few stitches/less time.) Since your baby is due in May, you might want something that knits up faster.