My first project besides a scarf or blanket!

A baby sweater and hat for my grandchild to be born any day now! I am not real sure about transferring a picture, hope this works!

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Don’t think it worked. Could someone tell me how you do this? The picture is in photobucket

if the picture is in photobucket, you just click on the img url code at the bottom of the pic, and paste that into your post here.

Thanks! I figured it out and posted again earlier…


Okay…here goes…

Did that work?


OMGosh, how cute!! :slight_smile: Great job Grandma! :thumbsup: I especially love the little bitty teddy bear buttons. :inlove:

That is just so sweet! Don’t you just love the baby buttons you can buy for things?

Awwww that is adorable!

Those are so sweet well done x

That is so cute! I would be proud to put that on one of my own children (except that they are too big now!)