My first pair of socks

This is my first pair of socks. I am very much addicted to knit more.

:inlove: love the colors!! you did a great job!

Cute socks! My first pair is on the needles now.

Wow, great socks. What is the yarn? And what pattern did you use?

Those are fantastic first socks! Is that self striping yarn?

:cheering:Wow! Your socks look great. What yarn did you use?

good job! is that self striping yarn?

Me too!!!

You did a great job!

Very nice colors, you did a great job!

Wow! Those look great! I can’t believe they are your first pair!

Thank you for looking at my first pair of socks.

Yarn : Lion Brand Yarn *Magic Stripes (self striping yarn)
Needle : Aero 3.25mm double point needle, set of 4
Pattern " Free pattern leaflet

This magical yarn creates stripes and patterns as i knit. It’s superwash Wool Blend that is durable yet soft.

No block is needed for my socks. After wash(machine wash in washing net) still as good as new.

:happydancing:starting a second pair soon using same brand of yarn but different colour(blue) for DH soon.

Wow, they look amazing!! :smiley: Great job!

Very cool