My first pair of socks!

I just now finished them about 10 mins ago. I’m pretty happy about how they came out but the not the bottom of the foots of the socks, I don’t know they turned out like that, I’m pretty tight knitter. who knows?

Thanks to everyone who helped me with these!! :muah:

Very nice!! :cheering: :cheering:

That very yarn is sitting in my stash waiting to become socks.

It looks like the bottom of the one sock is from a ladder from where the DPNs were connected. At least it’s on the bottom. Cause they look great otherwise.

Congrats on getting your first pr done! It’s addicting you know! Looks to me like the ‘holes’ are just from where your stitches were divided on the needles, sometimes your stitches loosen up when moving from one needle to the next (I think they call this “ladders”). Anyway, great job!

They look wonderful and who’s to know you are walking on whatever makes you unhappy about the socks! lol

so very cute!!! (and no-one will notice whatever you called a mistake… I didn’t!)

Once you have worn them and washed them a few times that will even out I think it did on mine.

You persevered! Congratulations!

Great job!!!

Thanks everyone. I know I will be knitting more socks. I just need more sock yarn. I really want to knit a pair of Jaywalkers.

I love the pattern on the socks~! that is sefl striping yarn isn’t it~!

They came out great.

They look great!

I made a ladder on my first pair, another slightly less obvious ladder on the second pair. :slight_smile: Good it was on the bottom! :slight_smile:

:cheering: :muah: The socks look great!! Good job on them!!

those look great–I love the stripes!

Those socks look really good, and I also think the ladder will go away or get less obvious after a few washings.

I’m currently working on my second-ever pair of socks, which is the Jaywalker pattern that you mentioned. It’s a good pattern for a second pair - really easy, but with enough of a pattern to keep you on your toes (no pun intended! :doh: ) Don’t use heavily patterned yarn with it (like fake Fair Isle), though, because the pattern will completely disappear.

Sock are fun to knit, I just finished my first pair of socks and I to have a few places that need extra care because of minor bigger holes than intended. Like turning the heel, the slant of the turn had bigger holes on one side than the other. I think it has to do with the purl end and the knit end, stitches are looser with the purl side I think. Your socks look great otherwise. Try another pair and that may not happen if your pay attention to the mistake and make them tighter when changing to the next needle. Did you use 3 needles or four? I just pull the stich tighter on the next needles to help insure no gaps…There must be a name for each heel type. I dont know what this would be called…does anybody know the different names of heel styles? This one has no gusset in the heel.(the triange shape)Just the slanted turn.