My first pair of..Sock?

ok so I finished my one sock lol!! after 4 days of knitting like crazy…i’ve decided to knit the other sock later after I finish my crazy loops scarf…sooo anyway here are the pictures…I didn’t have any other colors at 4am in the morning and I was not going to wait till the weekend to start knitting the sock so i used this ugly thing :stuck_out_tongue:

:thumbsup: Great Job! My first pair are still OTNs and I’m afraid they’ll stay there until I’m done with my X-mas gifts. I hope they look as good as yours. :pray:

Nadja xxx

Great job :cheering:

I’ve been known to do my seaming with paper clips, twist ties, and other assorted things. Never tried a bobby pin, though! :roflhard:

It looks so cushy and inviting!

hahahahaha that is awesome!! glad to know i’m not the only one!! :roflhard:

They are!! :smiley: :smiley: and extremely hot too!! :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks!! :smiley:

Awww thanks!! they’ll probably look even better you’ll see!! :smiley: