My first non-rectangular project (Fetching)

I finished one of the Fetching gloves from Knitty. I thought for sure I’d have to give up (this is my first project after a basic scarf and an ipod holder) but it really wasn’t that hard. Question, though—I was supposed to get 7 stitches on bottom and 6 stitches on top when I took out the waste yarn for the thumb, but I ended up with 8 and 7. I’m fairly certain I counted correctly when putting the waste yarn in–any ideas why this happened?

I can’t help ya on the extra sts but wanted to say they look great!!! :thumbsup:

Great job x

Uh can’t help you either, but wanted to comment it looks great as well. In fact I’m planning on doing that pattern for my cousin as a gift with the same color you used. That wouldn’t happent to be Lamb’s Pride Wool by any chance?

Thanks! Nope, this is actually just Patons Classic Merino yarn that I had in stash. I didn’t think I’d actually be able to make these, so I used it to practice using dpns and ended up finishing it :smiley:

I sure love working with lamb’s pride, though—I’m using some right now for a felted bag. Feels so good on the fingers :slight_smile:

It looks great! :thumbsup:

Well done . they look great!

Very nice! :thumbsup:

It looks great! I really like the colors.

Looks great.