My first (non-dishcloth) project finished!

(OT, but can someone explain what FO means, that I see on a lot of thread topics? Thanks!)

This is my first non-dishcloth project I’ve finished since teaching myself how to knit. I’ve made a LOT of dishcloths LOL

I’m not sure on the etiquette of giving credit for patterns, etc… but I got the cloche hat pattern from Zakka Life and the flower pattern is from Head Huggers.

Don’t mind the dorky model (me) LOL

:yay: It looks great!!
FO means finished object and wip means work in progress :thumbsup:

very nice job! Love the colors :slight_smile:

Cute hat!

That is really cute! I love the colors, too! Thanks for sharing!

Sassy, nice addition. :yay:
Also, OTN = On the Needle(s)

I love that hat. And I agree, the sass- iness adds to the hat.
Do you think it could be done in circular, no seams?

Very cute and I love the colors.

Very cute :cheering:

Thanks everyone! I’m pretty proud of it :slight_smile:

I’m so the wrong person to be asking this question LOL I’m scared of circular needles and deliberately seek out patterns that don’t require them LOL

So cute! Did you just sew the flower on? btw…you look SO much like one of my cousins! But I know she doesn’t knit…

I’m going to try that hat

Cute hat! The flower is nice little accent :thumbsup:

Love it! What kind of yarn did you use?

Thanks so much everyone :slight_smile:

Yes, I just sewed the flower on with a bit of yarn.

That’s funny about your cousin, no one ever says I look like someone they know LOL My only family in the US is in Mass.

Um, that’s a good question! I have no idea. I bought it a few years ago when I first learned and all I was doing was dishcloths. I think I picked it up with the intention of doing something besides dishcloths with, but never did. It’s acrylic, I think, though.


Circular needles are wonderful, believe me; try it once and you’ll never want to seam again!!!

Very cute! You’ve done a nice job. :thumbsup: I love the colors.

Congratulations on your first hat! It looks cute on you. Hats are so much fun. Doing a hat in the round is easier than doing it flat IMO. When I taught my DH to knit, the first thing (the only thing, but he made over 20) he made was a hat in the round. The circulars just seem scary, but don’t let them intimidate you. With the decreases you have to go to two circulars or double points or magic loop when the hat gets too small for the 16" circular that you begin with. If you had someone to get you started (maybe a video would work) you’d find out it is not hard.

Again, cute hat and keep it up.