My first moebius is almost done... the real deal not the imposters out there

I am 3/4ths of the way through my first plain knit stitch moebius and I must admit I am completely and totally smitten. :muah: I’ve been knitting for years and can’t believe I waited so long to give it a try. It’s much easier than it looks as long as hyou DON’T DRINK A BOTTLE OF WINE before trying your first moebius cast on. :aww: I started my alcohol free moebius noon yesterday, went to bed at 10:00, got up at 10:30 and continued until I couldn’t stay awake at 2:30. Yes, I may have finally officially lost my mind. It totally figures knitting would do it and not my kids. :rofl:

I’ve ordered Cat’s Bordhi’s two moebius books, but they aren’t here yet and since she doesn’t have a forum on her own site I have a couple of questions I’m hoping someone here can answer.

  1. Do you count the slip knot as a stitch or just the legs of the moebius cast on? You do knit it so I kinda figure you would, but I can’t find anywhere that confirms this little piece of would be logic.

Also, DO follow her instruction in the youtube video to pull the cast on string over after the first round to expose the stitch the slipknot is hiding. I’m sure it’s simple enough to fix after you cast off, but seeing the little gape every time I pass it in my round is driving me batty. That and the stupid hole I somehow made in waaay back at the beginning. It’s much too late to entirely start over and I’m terrified to do any un-knitting so I will very carefully sew the gap after casting off.

  1. Can you begin your pattern with the cast on row itself or is it necessary to knit a row first?

I know, I know I could just jump in and try both and see how it works, but I have ordered the books I’m just impatient for the answers to these two questions swirling around my brain as I knit.

I think it will be simple enough to do any sort of faggoted moebius, but what I really want to do is a brioche moebius. I finally, finally, finally mastered the brioche stitch and am unsure if it’s suited to a moebious. I’ll try it eventually, but better to walk before running eh?

Also, I find it incredibly disgusting that some people charge for their moebius patterns. Are they sharing their profits with Cat? I doubt it.

Yeah, the only hard thing about these is the CO and doing the first row. The rest is easy and seems to go really fast.

I think the slip knot counts as a stitch. I never noticed much of a gap, so it must not be too big. Where the st number isnt’ crucial I sometimes fudge a stitch or two.

I guess you could try working the first row in a pattern, but it may not turn out too well, especially if there’s YOs involved. I don’t think her books address that specifically; all the patterns seem to knit a row after the CO to create a ‘spine’ that the rounds spread out from.

There are 3 or 4 other ways to cast on a center out mobius, and if the stitch pattern combination is their own, then it’s their design. Even if they use the same cast on, you can’t copyright a technique, only how you describe it, so it’s not taking anything away from Cat.

"Even if they use the same cast on, you can’t copyright a technique, only how you describe it, so it’s not taking anything away from Cat. "

Ah, okay. Hadn’t thought of that. Was just annoyed by how many pay patterns I came across in a particular search. Wish the books would hurry up and get here already.

Techniques, stitch patterns (like ribbing, moss stitch, lace patterns), and construction methods like top down raglans, have been around so long no one ‘owns’ them. The provisional CO shown on this site is like the Mobius CO except using another strand of yarn instead of the cord from the needle. Likely Cat got her idea from something like that.

according to [COLOR=“Blue”]this video[/COLOR] she did say the first stitch is the slip knot. she says it at 1:41/9:52.

I’ve been trying to do the cast on for the last week! I can be heard walking around mumbling ‘under the cable over the wool’ repeatedly to myself, and I still can’t get it right.

I’ve sat with the video and it seemed easy but then I printed the pattern for the Cashmere Cowl from her web site and it says that when the marker appears BENEATH your needles on the cable below you have finished the first round. I’m sure that on the video she says that the marker should be BETWEEN the needles.

I shall have to try again, ‘I will not be beaten…’ she mumbles as she wanders off to make a cuppa’.

Yes, when the marker comes back around to the L needle you’ve done the first round.