My first Möbius

I’m facinated by the möbius scarf… I got the magical knitting books for my birthday and my extra long circular needles finally came in so I was able to knit something!


Great colors! That yarn looks really soft.

What a fun yarn!! Looks great on your daughter!!

That is so cool! Looks like knitting with cotton candy (without the stickiness of course!)

Oh, how cute!!! I love those colors!

:smiley: I love the yarn colorway! You have a beautiful daugher :wink: Moebius is very cool :thumbsup:

OK, I want to squish that yarn - it’s yummy! Love the colors! :inlove: It reminds me of Landscapes yarn.
When I knit my next scarf, the Moebius is on my list for sure. I might knit mine in the Autumn Trials colorway.

I blocked the scarf last night. I really think it looks like artwork.

Very nice! That yarn looks yummy :slight_smile:

That is sooooo pretty!

Great job.

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

Gorgeous! It does look like artwork. Your daughter is just beautiful as well! The scarf looks great on her.

Very nice colorwork!

Oh, it’s so pretty!

That is awesome yarn!! And great knitting, too.

That is the coolest scarf! Very fun and funky!

Lovely scarf and the yarn looks yummy!

Very cool! Love the design & the colors are awesome!!

That yarn is so delish!! I :heart: !