My first Mmmmm!

:drool: OK…so the package came on Saturday, as I was going OUT the door to school shop for my youngest DD.

And can you believe that I did NOT tear into it like a madwoman?

I opened the package, saw a pretty purple bag, and just pulled out one skien of Mmmm…squooshed it, and shoved it back into the bag to be dealt with later, I was in a hurry.

Then after the day was done, all 3 kids were stocked, shorn, shoed, and fed, I sat down to fully enjoy the prettiness that is my Malabrigo.

Someone here said that the first time you feel it its like. meh, but then you untwist it, and OMG…:drool:

So here is my nummy yummy Mmmm…in Sapphire Magenta. Which, TBH, I was thinking BLUE and red, but the green is SO pretty…

Oh, ands there is my Lornas Laces from k2p2s sale. I got one each of Childs Play, Lorikeet, and Hawaii. WHAT I will do with one skien, Im not sure, but hey, my youngest has little feet…:roflhard:

Gorgeous!!! I love the Mmmmmmm…
And if you think of anything to make with one skein of LL, let me know…I’ve got two orphan skeins myself… :slight_smile:

when I end up with only 1 skein of sock yarn I end up making anklets. Usually works out just fine. Do the same as socks only make the ribbing only about an inch or so long. Or go ahead and mail to me… I can SHOW you :flirt:

So pretty!!! I bought “lettuce” and made a scarf. Can’t wait to start another project.


Pretty colors! Mmmm is my favorite yarn.

What beautiful colours.

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Sapphire Magenta is my favorite mmmm colorway :thumbsup: :heart:

It is very pretty. I was thinking of getting a skein of that colorway for my swap partner

Its beautiful!!! I want some in that color:inlove:

That color is beautiful! I was out of town this weekend and the LYS where I was had a huge sale. The store was very big and had a huge selection. Prices were decent and discounts were generous. Still, having just got a bunch of mmm from the k2p2 sale, I was having such a hard time getting excited about any of the yarn! I must have spent an hour just trying to get inspiration. Everything seemed like a letdown compared to the yarn I just got. How spoiled am I now?!

Psssst. Over here. I have a SECRET!!!

:psst: Lorna’s Laces ONE HANK Socks

those are very cute socks! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I love the colors you recieved, and the mmmm is gorgeous :heart:

:woohoo: YOU rock my dear!

Happy to be of service ladies…
The pattern is one thats linked from HERE.

There are several patterns you could make from one hank…(Personally I LOVE Antique Rose)

Thanks so much, Chel, that sock pattern is perfect!!!