My first MMMMalabrigo

Ok, I must admit, although I figured everyone was right, I thought there was no way Malabrigo could hold up to the hype.

OMG- forget cashmere… don’t like it that much anymore. Malabrigo laceweight is soft and squishy and yummy!!! :thud: I just can’t quit fondling it! :inlove: cloud9
Anyway- I got the Azul Profundo which is all shades of blue, and I’m already making it into the Koigu Silver Palette shawl pattern that they FINALLY released… it was in the advertisers section of the Vogue 25th anniversary issue and I have been waiting for the pattern to come out. I’m only four rows in, but I know it’s going to be wonderful!

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

i wonder when [I]my [/I]lys will get in some laceweight. :think:

Oh that is pretty yarn! I have to get my hands on some lace weight and try it out :drool:

This wasn’t my LYS- they’re waiting on the Malabrigo- I was visiting parentals and checked out a new store- they were wonderful and helpful!