My first mmMalabrigo FO

that would be an AWESOME afghan… and expensive. :doh:

Well, keep taking pictures. Take lots of them. Then figure out how to get someone to either pay you for the pictures you have already taken or pay you to take more pictures. The only way to do that is to have lots of people see your pictures. You should check out and join organizations like the ASMP (American Society of Magazine Photographers) and go to meetings and show off your photography.

Another way to get your feet wet is to open up a marketplace and sell stuff on the net. You can open a private gallery and invite the people you want to shop there or have a public gallery and see if your work attracts any attention. Try this:


To me, photography is as much fun as knitting.

I had my first show at a local coffee house this past December. (There is no patting myself on the back avatar that I know of but that’s what I’m doing!)

Now all I gotta do is get off my butt and find another place to hang my pictures. Oh, yeah, I finished my Mmmmm scarf and as soon as I have the ends woven in I’ll post a pic for you.


thank you for the info! i’ll definitely start expanding my audience.

i used to love photography more than knitting. but, knitting at the moment is in the lead. :happydance: i LOVE that i can combine these two arts for beautiful results.

:inlove: very pretty!! I have 3 skeins of the Velvet Grape waiting for the perfect project for it… its so soft and so pretty… I love the first scarf!!! I did have a scarf and fetchings out of Oceanos but when I took them into WV my mom fell in love with the set so she has it now :teehee:

lOVELY cOLORWA~!! :notworthy: :roflhard: :cheering: :cheering:


what’s the moss rib pattern?

I love them!!!1

And the rest of your MMM??? :thud:

:heart: LOVE :heart: that wound yarn!!! BEAUTIFUL colors!


oh my goodness…your images are amazing… now i really want to try some mmmmmmmmalabrigo. ahhhhh so pretty…they look soooooo soft. delicious… :passedout:

I’ve put the moss rib stitch scarf pattern on my blog for those of you who want to try it:

As for the rest of my malabrigo… I’m a huge scarf addict so once I find cool patterns I’ll be knitting up the rest in long, soft, colorful, rectangles. :happydance:

Have you tried [color=blue]My So called Scarf [/color]yet? I just finished mine and I love the way it came out – plus it was a really fun pattern to knit once I got the hang of it.

I’d post a picture of mine but I’m thinking of taking out my bind off row and re-doing it tighter.


i just started working on mine. i didn’t realize until i got home how different my two skeins of manos were… so i have to alternate skeins every two rows. x_X
i’ve been pulling the umm… switching-skein-side a little too tight so now my scarf has a tight edge that puckers and curves. i think i’ll have to rip it out and start again.
did you add any extra stitches for a selvage edge or anything? my edges look HORRIBLE.

No – I just followed the pattern. You could try slipping the first stitch on the knit row and see if that helps. I just read a blog that said she did that and brought the yarn to the front and slipped the last stitch purlwise. Her FO looked pretty good:

[color=blue]knit one chic too[/color]

Did you check to see if there is a KAL on the board here for that scarf? There might be some suggestions there, too.