My first mmMalabrigo FO

i bought my first skeins of Malabrigo a little over a week ago and i finally finished my very first mmmm-scarf.

the pattern is a moss rib stitch. the (not-so)LYS lady recommended it to me. i prefer longer scarves but i only bought 1 skein in this color (called Charrua, by the way). i managed to get a good 63 inches out of it though with a CO of 24.

i’ve heard in the forums that the scrunchable scarf pattern is a great choice for malabrigo. so i’ve actually started another in scrunchable. so far i think i prefer this moss rib stitch. i like how much space is in between each column.
but, here’s a picture of my scrunchable WIP in mmmMalabrigo Velvet Grapes.

i splurged and bought lantern moon needles.
lantern moon + malabrigo = bliss
i definitly recommend it!

and finally, here is the rest of my malabrigo ‘stash’ waiting to be knit up into something awesome.

:drool: Your Mmmm looks wonderful. I love the scrunchable scraf, its a lovely scarf that doesnt look to plain. Just wait till you wear you Mmm scarf, its so warm you’ll never want to wear anything else!

:inlove: :inlove: Looks beautiful! I love to see the colors knit up.

Beautiful! :heart: I’m making my first mmmalabrigo scrunchable scarf using Velvet grapes too!

i am not terribly excited about the scrunchable but it is definitely soft and easy to knit up. (It would have been great for the football game last night if i could have torn my eyes away from the game at all!)

I LOOOOOOOOOVE how that first one knitted up! I remember seeing the colors and not being terribly excited about them (being that everything in my world needs to be hot pink and lime green it would seem!) but that just knitted up gorgeous! it is making me want to go find that colorway. preeeeeeeeeeeettty. :muah:

when i first saw the hank of charrua it was in the colors i wanted but it looked WEIRD. i was very hesitant to buy it. the not-so-LYS salesperson kept commenting on how beautiful it was and how she knit a sweater out of the same color but this batch had more saturated tones. so, i trusted her and had it wound into a ball.
in ball form it looked better and i was relieved. finally, when i started knitting it i was totally happy. the colors were awesome and the pattern worked out so well. it reminds me of stones… either a bunch of tiny pebbles or cobblestone. but, yeah, finally getting the malabrigo knit up was the best part. :happydance:

That’s so exciting! I havent actually bought any malabrigo yet, mostly because I’m worried that I’ll get addicted! There’s some malabrigo angora on sale at Webs, though, so I might have to splurge…Thanks for inspiring me! :teehee:

Beautiful! I want some mmmmMalabrigo now…

Nice. I really like that pattern.

you’ll definitly get addicted! :happydance:
i am. :roflhard:

i have thoughts of completely switching out my whole stash for malabrigo… unfortunately that would be very unaffordable and WAY out of my budget.

definitly try it though!

Ooooooh!! The pretty!! That settles it for me. As soon as I finish up the stuff I’ve got going on, it’s a scrunchable in the Mmmmmmalabrigo in the stash!!

That is such a pretty scarf! :yay:

I ordered my first Mmmmalabrigo this weekend and I’m hoping to get it by the end of the week :tap:

FABULOUS!!! And your stash pictures are beautiful, too!

Beautiful work, and lovely photographs too. I love the colors of the two scarves.

Thanks everyone! :muah:

Ok, love the scarves and am impressed with the knitting.

But what I am really impressed with is the photography.

You have a great eye for color and composition. :notworthy:

What do you do IRL (if you don’t mind my asking?) :poke:


wow, thanks! :mrgreen:

i’m actually very much unemployed (read: i have unbelivable amounts of time to knit). i finished college last year. i was a Communications (Media) major because i wanted to get into movie making. but, a year before i was done i completely lost interest in video and instead aspired to be a photographer. it was too late to switch majors (again! i started off as computer science :whoosh:) so i stuck with it and practiced photography on the side as a hobby (due to a lack of formal training).

so now i just fantasize about being a photographer and live off of my very generous parents. hahaha. i get requests from friends once in a while to take pictures at an event or for headshots or to edit their own pictures… but, aside from the constant job hunt… that’s about all.

What size needles did you use? That yarn looks amazing!

I used a size US 10 for both the moss rib pattern and the scrunchable. the malabrigo tag recommends a size US 7-9 but i feel like the larger size gives the yarn more space to expand and stay fluffy. :x:

Speaking of Malabrigo, a lady came into my cousin’s yarn store the other day, and asked for enough skeins to make an afghan!!!
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: