My First Malabrigo

I’m so excited! :cheering: I bought my first ever skein of Malabrigo today!

It’s Shocking Pink and I’m going to knit this for my SIL’s birthday present. :teehee:

I know she’ll love it, as she’s heavily invovled in the La Leche League and is a certified lactation consultant. She can wear it to her meetings and training sessions.

cool!! love that yarn…

[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][SIZE=“2”]Congrats! I’m using Malabrigo for the first time too. I’m using it in Autumn Forest for a Clapotis scarf (from Knitty). I so love that yarn. I understand why everyone raves about it. [/SIZE][/FONT]

i love my malabrigo. i like to fondle it often and stare lovingly at it. i haven’t found a pettern i am dying to knit it in though. it’s so sad!
which of those patterns are you knitting your sister? the first scarf?

I like to horde malabrigo, and my lady at the lys is a big enabler. I hve 3 hanks waiting for the reversible cabled scarf from Cables Untangled.
I REFUSE to gift anyone something made from malabrigo unless they understand knitting and the wool quality. I have kept alll of my malabrigo stuff so far.
And like my lys lady says, $10 or so for the 220 or so yardange of malabrigo really is an awesome deal:passedout:

Awesome, it’ll be reallly lovely.

Thanks for posting that link, the heart scarf pattern is amazing and shall be added to my list :slight_smile:

I’m doing the Boobie Scarf for my SIL and I did a little work on it tonight and now I understand the Malabrigo love!

It is so soft!! [B]jeanius80 - [/B]I get the fondling! If it weren’t hot and humid here, I’d want to wrap myself in it.

[B]Mulderknitter[/B] - I know my SIL will appreciate both the pattern and the Malabrigo. She’s crafty herself and she’s teaching me how to quilt. I paid $14 for my hank at my LYS and that plus the time I spend making the scarf works out to a nice gift.

[B]PalmettoGirl[/B] - I’m glad I’m not the only Malabrigo virgin here. :lol:

i think that pattern is something she would like (based on her LLL involvement) I am a bf’ing mama (shes 15.5 mo now :mrgreen: ) and i think i might knit that too!:lol: