Okay, I’ve given in to the temptation after I’ve heard everyone here gushing over the malabrigo and how gorgeous it is. I also saw a scarf that a friend knitted with it and fell in love. Here’s the yarn I bought to make my mother-in-law’s birthday (or Christmas–depending on when I finish) present!!


My 1st malabrigo is on the way :cheering:

YAY! Hope it gets to you super speedily! :pray:

I broke down too and got my first malabrigo! But, I’m still in the petting stage—I take it out everyday pet, squeeze and sigh-- put it back until I decide what to make. You know I can only admit this here!!!

I was telling my daughter that I have yarn that I don’t want to knit because it’s so nice. She said I was crazy. I know all you guys understand.

I’m knitting with my first Mmmmalabrigo, too, and it’s wonderful to use as well as pet.

:cheering: Beautiful! Your MIL is a very lucky woman!

Sooooooooooo purty! What’s the color called?

The color is called Cuarzo. I think it means “quartz” in Spanish (or at least that’s what google told me). :smiley: I spent about a half an hour at my LYS trying to choose which color to get! :teehee:

i am making the scrunchable scarf in mmmmmalabrigo right now

it just flies across the addis

it’s sinful how much i am lovng this


:pout: I want oneeeeeeeeeeeeee…so what’cha planning on knitting with it?? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Where do you get this mmmmalabringo?

Yay for all of you first-time Mmmmmm users! :cheering: It is heavenly! :inlove:

As for where to buy it, some LYSs carry it (not mine, of course :-x ), but it’s also available on the net. WEBS carries a nice selection. I ordered my first Mmmm from them.

ohh very pretty!! I just got my first awhile back… I keep knitting with one color and ripping out… I just can’t find the perfect project for it :rofl:

The scrunchable scarf is a great Mmmm project, and the yarn loves it! :rofl:

If you look on their website,

they have a section where you can look up stores by state to find ones that carry it.

Good luck! :smiley:

I was going to design a scarf for my Mmmmm, but I may just have to go with scrunchable, too :cheering: Or, “My so called scarf”…I do love both :cheering: My mmmmmmmmmm should arrive Tuesday from Lambikins :cheering: :cheering:

So is it realy that heavenly? I’ve got tow LYS’s here in my town. Should I make the investment? How much is this stuff anyways? :?eyebrow:

What is a scrunchable??? And is this yarn itchy? (Not that I can start anything else, since I am partway through a sweater, halfway through a ribbon scarf, and have yarn coming for a poncho that I may never be skilled enough to knit!) Sally

Scrunchable scarf can be found here and it’s my understanding that it’s one of the softest merinos around. And it runs around $11.00 a hank.