My first Lucy bag

I’ve been wanting to knit a Lucy bag forever, but I always seemed to have other projects going. Anyway, I finally got around to it. I made the tall bag. I added a Fair Isle pattern from [COLOR=“Black”]200 Fair Isle Motifs[/COLOR] by Mucklestone. I used Cascade 220, and the dark brown definitely felted more than the beige, leaving the center (with the Fair Isle pattern) a little more narrow than the solid beige body. I would like to knit another one in the smaller size. This bag is 12" high and about 7" in diameter. I like the pattern, and it’s a fairly quick knit, too.

Ohhh so pretty! I’ve always wanted to knit one of those, too. BTW… If I remember correctly white yarns are treated to be that way and that affects the felting process. Not sure about other very light colors.

That turned out really well. It’s a very nice color combination and a terrific bag. I’d like the idea of the smaller one, too.
Yes, the lighter colors which require bleaching, lose some of the barbs that make wool grab and felt.

I love your bag. I like the contrast between the colors you’ve chosen, and your stranded color work design is spectacular. I’ve never heard of a Lucy bag so will have to go look it up.

Very cool looking and just in time for fall and winter! You did a great job.

I’ve read that, too. I was hoping that the beige was closer to a “natural” shade and might not be heavily processed (if I’m using the right word). Anyway, it’s apparently true because there is a definite difference in the way the two colors felted.

Fabulous bag! I love the Fair Isle pattern, is really adds character to the bag. Great job!

Very classy looking! I really really like it!!! Your addition of Fair Isle patterning is wonderful. Your Lucy Bag is the nicest one I’ve seen. I think the Fair Isle is a great addition! The others (at Ravelry) look so plain compared to yours!

Way to go! :thumbsup: