My First Little Purse

Here is a pic of my purse before felting and after. This was the second tote I made. And yes, I am a beginner knitter.


That is very nice, and I love the texture!

I have yet to try felting, but am being bitten by the bug every second longer I spend at this forum! (err, that is to felt with intention)

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Wow. No one would know you’re a beginner knitter from the looks of that purse. I love it! :heart:

You did a great job!

Very cute!

Cool! I too love the way things look felted but haven’t tried it myself yet! Nice job on the tote!!

I haven’t felted yet, but I wanna!

Love the cream and green hutch in the background too.



That is super cute!! I love the brown - yummy!

[size=6][color=blue]It’s cute!! I like the “fluffies” that stick out![/color][/size]

Thank you everyone for your comments


What a loverly bag :happydance: The texture looks really nice, excellent work for a beginner :hug:
I love felting, seeing the tramsformation is fascinating for me :teehee:

Hazel x