My First KP Order!

I just received my first KnitPicks order!

These all have a projects planned for them, though hopefully crosses fingers there will be some shimmer left over for something for me.

Nice! I love the colors!

Ooh, I really like the red! Nice order - I hope you do get to use some of it for youself!!! :smiley:

Nice. I’m waiting on a Knit Picks order right now!! It’s mostly DPN though. I did buy some WOTA to make FT clogs and FT sheep though. :slight_smile:

Beautimous! I love their yarn. Looks like you’ll be making some purty things this summer!

:inlove: What is that red/orange yarn? :inlove:

The red/orange yarn is called shimmer. It is a lace weight yarn.

Oooo, I’d like to know what project you’ve got planned for the shimmer! Do you mind sharing? It’s all so pretty!

I just placed my first order this morning, a bunch of WOTA for some clogs and a bag. I wonder how long it’ll take to get here. Did your order take long?

Thanks for sharing those yummy yarns!

Very pretty yarns. What are your plans for them?
Larudden, I ordered some WOTA from Knitpicks to be delivered to a friend in New York and it arrived in 2 days. Super quick service.

That Shimmer is gorgeous!!

I’m still waiting for them to “find” my KP package. :tap:

My order didn’t take long at all, but I paid for extra shipping because I was in dire need of yarn. However, it’s already been sitting here too long because I’ve fallen in love with the shimmer and decided to keep it for myself to make a shawl. (I don’t have enough future projects planned for myself :wink: ) The other yarns are making little girls ponchos. I’ll definitely post pictures of everything when it’s done :slight_smile: