My first knitting project FO

Yay, its finished and i’m very proud, i made it for me and didn’t follow any patter just cast on 10 and knit every row until its was long enough to wear.

Yay – good for you!

awesome!! That is a great feeling to finish something, especially your first project. Way to go!! I really like the colors you chose too, so cheerful.

I love it!! It looks soo Fuzzy!!! :smiley:

I love it!! It looks soo Fuzzy!!! :smiley:

How cute! It look huggable.
What kind of yarn is it, was it hard to work with?
I just finished something kinda fuzzy and it was a nightmare!

:cheering: Congratulations on your first project! Looks great!

Beautiful stuff! Makes me think of spring!

Great job! That yarn looks like it would be hard to work with. I’m impressed you picked that for your first project! :thumbsup:

I recognize that yarn! I made scarves for my 3 oldest girls and myself out of the Boa {3 balls for mine, 2 each for theirs}… I even used that same colour for one of them! Yours turned out really nice! I’m glad that you did so well with it… luckily Boa is the easiest of the novelty yarns I’ve worked with.

:cheering: Great job! :thumbsup:

:smiley: WTG, congrats on your 1st project!! It is very Spring-looking…nice :cheering: :cheering:

i picked the fluffy yarn so it didn’t show all my dropped stiches etc, i just knitted about all of a 50g ball - yeah its just a cheap novelty yarn.

Sorry about my spell i’m typing with a bandaid on my finger from the knitting needle - doing a plain acrylic scarf for a friend so i have to really watch for the dropped stitches.

Already frogged it to the almost the start cos a dropped stich that i couldn’t fix right even though i followed amy’s instructions, it just didn’t look right.

Any ways will post a scan of the scarf once i have all three colours going so you can see the striped effect.

Question: Is 26 caston wide enough for a mans scarf? I’ll measure it ummm… 6 -6.5 inches wide?

YAY!!! :cheering:

Well IMO, you couldn’t have picked a better novelty yarn for a newbie. I used the 5.5 mm needles that the “pattern” called for, and had very few troubles. Going up one size might have helped, but I liked the density of fabric the way it was.

I usually make my adult scarves about 6-8 inches wide, so I think you’re right on the money there.

Good job! Scarfs are fun. Quick, easy and always pretty. :thumbsup:

What fun scarf!! Terrific first FO!

Jackie! Great job! I love those colors!

About dropping stitches, dont put your project down till you finish a row, you will have a lot less dropped stitches. :slight_smile: I faithfully practice this, and have had very few dropped stitches.

Welcome to KH.


Welcome and hurrah on your first FO! It’s adorable! :thumbsup: