My first knitted toy! A little rabbit :)

Hooray! :cheering: My little rabbit is finished! And it’s also my first knitted toy :teehee:
I found this pattern link on KH and it’s super easy! So I decided to make it (I also kind of like rabbits :teehee: ) All I did was making a square piece of fabric and sew it into a rabbit! Then I thought that the finished product in the pattern looks too plain, so I sewed on eyes for it :teehee:
I also made my own rabbit ears and tail, if you saw the sample photo in the pattern link you’ll probably see what I mean :wink:

Finally, I thought the little rabbit was still missing something, that’s it! I had to make a carrot for it! :rofl: Now it’s not lonely anymore :cheering:

Anyways, here goes my rabbit’s pics~

ps. I know it’s not the best carrot ever though…

tee hee… it kinda looks like a chilli!!! Maybe your bunny likes things hot!

I think it is just too adorable. You did a fantastic job embellishing him (or her, I hope I haven’t offended it, could be desexed i spose)

Cute Cute Cute!!!Nice carrot.I like your ears better :cheering:

Aww . . . how sweet bunny love. And of course that is one of the best carrots, ever. Nice job on the cottontail. :eyebrow:

TOO cute … I really like the bunny and his Carrot~~!! :cheering:

Bunny got a big butt though~! :teehee:
could just be the camera~! :teehee:

That is just adorable!

That’s totally cute :heart: I really love it!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

sigh… my kids saw the photo…

You did a FANTASTIC job!

That’s so cute! Love the little butt on it! :teehee:

Oh! It’s adorable. :inlove: I’d love to make some for two friends who have rabbits. Alas, I don’t have stray from the pattern skills.

Thanks guys :cheering:

Bunny got a big butt though~!
could just be the camera~!

:roflhard: Yeah, I think the bunny’s butt is a bit big… oh well :whistle:

tee hee… it kinda looks like a chilli!!! Maybe your bunny likes things hot!

:roflhard: Yeah I think it does in a way :teehee: It actually has a more orangy tone, but it appears to be more reddish in the pics :thinking: :rofl:

By the way, I really totally recommand this project for anybody who wants to take a stab at making toys, or just wanna do it for fun! :teehee:
It’s a BEGINNER beginner project, only took two or three days to finish for even a newbie like me :rofl: All you need is being able to knit a square and some sewing skills! :wink:

How cute. :passedout:

Adorable! I know everyone thinks this bunny is super easy but I tried it last year around Easter and it turned into a disaster!!! Your bunny looks so good that I almost want to try again!

[color=indigo]That’s a great little toy! I need to knit one of those for my littlest teckel. She won’t destroy it.


Thanks again everyone! :hug:

Yay! Way to go landolphe! :cheering: Your little teckel will love these bunnies! :thumbsup:

lol I know what you mean Cristy, it went pretty well when I was knitting the square, but the sewing part… gosh I really struggled at that… had to undo and redo lots of times :rofl: But whew! I’m finally done :slight_smile: and I also improved in some sewing skills, I think…

WOW - that’s adorable. I had seen the pattern and wasn’t that impressed it the way it looked. Yours is 100x better !! I am going to have to try this now, I love rabbits and have always had one for for a pet. Sadly last one died in Aug and now that I have a husband and a dog it’s not looking good for me getting another rabbit…I digress…would love to know how you made your ears and tail, also any helpful hints you have on how to sew it.

thank you

Thanks! :heart: I’m glad you liked it! :teehee:

Some might-be-helpful hints for anybody who want to try making this rabbit:

When knitting the square:

  • Try to knit the stitches tight enough so that the stuffing won’t escape through the little holes, but not too tight that the fabric becomes too stiff.

When sewing:

  • Use a ruler and measure the right lengths and proportions that the pattern tells you, don’t try to guess. When done measuring, use pins to mark the points where the pattern tells you, pins can really help.

  • Try to sew as securely as possible.

  • If you are sewing small parts such as the head and the legs, try to put stuffing at the same time while you sew the parts closed, so that you won’t have a difficult time trying to stuff them afterwards.

The ears:
I can’t really tell exactly how many rows I did for the ears, but I can tell you generally how I did it.
I did the ears in stockinette stitch, I made the ears curve inside by occasionally slipping the first and last stitch.
I first CO 3 sts. Then I increase by 1 st. about every one or two other row until I end up with five stitches, then I stop increasing and continue knitting. When I finished up to about 2/3 of the length of the ear, I start decreasing by 1 st. every row until I have only one stitch left. Cut and tie the yarn, sew in ends.

I did the tail sort of like making a pom pom, except that I sewed it. (hope this sort of make sense)

The carrot is done by sewing a flat piece of fabric.

I hope these helps! :slight_smile:

You did a beautiful job on your rabbit and carrot. I’m making toys too…will post my dolls next. Isn’t it fun? :hug:

Ohh! :slight_smile: Ya ya I wanna see your knitted toys too! Yes it’s so much fun making toys! :teehee:

I want to add photos of my dolls as you did. But I am waiting for info on how to make the photos small enough to post. do you know how to tell me to do this? Thanks if you do.