My first knitted object ever!-Garter stitch scarf

I finished my first garter stitch scarf. It’s not perfect but I am very pleased with the outcome.

Very nicely done. Congrats on finishing and may it be the first of many more projects.

Congratulations on a fantastic scarf. Well done.

:thumbsup: You really did great. Congrats!

Thank you very much for the encouragement. I didn’t think that I would be able to knit but I am enjoying it very, very much.

nicely done, and you picked a nice colorway too! - any info on that? :wink:

Thank you! What’s a colorway?

same as the color, or the mix of colors… whatever the yarn packaging said for the color. :wink:

Oh, okay. Yes, I thought the colors were pretty. It’s Loops and Threads Charisma “Sunny Day” yarn. Michael’s had it on sale and I wanted a chunky yarn so that I could finish my scarf faster, lol.

i see it’s out of stock online, but that’s my favorite color combo, the green/blue… i was already into it before the seahawks and sounders co-opted it :wink:

VERY nice and the colors are beautiful!!! That’s the first thing I knit too and so far it’s my daughter’s favorite.

Well done!!!
I love those first project garter scarfs. I did one of those too.