My first knitted earring

It is from the free pattern on knitting pattern central it is not perfect but the next one will be better working with wire takes a little getting use to.

WOW! I didn’t even know you could knit earrings!

very nice looking :cheering:


Looks wonderful - great job!

:cheering: Love it…great job :thumbsup:

That is cool!!

Looks good! The fluorite and pearls complement each other nicely. :slight_smile:

wow that looks great! Good job =D

What a fabulous idea!! Love your earring!

:inlove: :heart: :inlove:

I downloaded that pattern too–glad to see that it works! Yours looks great. I’ll have to pick up some supplies for those soon. :smiley:

Pretty! :inlove: I like the colors!

:cheering: Beautiful!

Love what you’ve done! Beautiful stones and handiwork!

Thanks everyone for the compliments it is really easy to do and there are so many possibilities I think it will be good for the days when it is just too hot to knit with yarn!