My first Knitpicks order "in process"!

I’m excited! I’m a knitpicks “virgin”. Placed my first order with them yesterday (10 balls of shine worsted green apple for a baby blanket). I just checked the order status for the heck of it and it says "in process’…yippee! Go yarn go! Roll to the post office! I can’t wait to feel you! :happydance:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

And soon the stalking of the mailman begins! :thumbsup:

LOL!! I have a PO box so at least I know that by 9:30 my mail is in there for the day.

I’ve never lived in a place at which I get mail before 4 p.m. EVER. I’ve been wondering if anyone gets mail before then, and now I know at least one person who does! The waiting…it hurts! :rofling:

my mail gets here between 11am and noon every day. my mailman brings me so many yarn packages, we’re on a first name basis (same goes for the UPS guy, who usually gets here around noon to 1pm). DH refers to them as my ‘yarn pimps’.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

So you are a crocheter too? :??

[color=gray][size=2]wonders if anybody will get that![/size][/color] :angelgrin:

yep, addicted to knitting and a happy hooker as well.


I know the feeling!!! Since I work early morning and my husband starts working at 1.30pm, I used to call him everyday around 11am so he would check the mail for me!!

They day my first order arrived, he kept it in the car so I would see it when he picked me up from work… :cheering:

Now it says “shipped”!! I’m really excited! I also have a smartpost tracking number. How do I use this? I’m assuming this is through USPS (?). I love to track mail. What do I do?

hedge…I couldn’t figure out that smart post number either–I just got my first ever knit picks order yesterday. It came pretty quickly and I just used the standard shipping. I ordered 6 balls of simple stripes…I’m going to try to tackle socks for mother’s day! :slight_smile:

what’s the number? or at least, what does it start with?


No stalking my yarn girls…LOL!

hrmm…not sure i recognize that number…did you try tracking it on the USPS website?

says it’s a Smartpost number. Could that be Fed Ex? If so I may be in trouble. I have a PO Box. Not sure if they deliver to the post office?

well when i googled it took me to the FedEx website so yeah probably. You can call FedEx (they have lotsa numbers all over their website) to see what they say about the PO Box.

smartpost just means something like it’s processed by fedEx, then handed off to USPS for delivery. In order to track your package, you’ll need to email knitpicks.

Thanks! Since it’s only been a day I’m not going to worry about it yet. If it’s not here by Friday I’ll consider calling or emailing them.