My first knee high

Wee my first knee high sock now on to the second one… :wall: Can anyone say SSS

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That’s pretty! Knee highs must take forever! :zombie:

WOW!!! That’s so pretty!

nice job! I think you’ve inspired me to make a pair myself… in the future when i get better at kniting.

I love it! :heart:

Yeah it took a while, I had to rip the first attempt it was about 12 inches before I realized I had a mistake in it. But the total time frame for the 1 completed sock, was about 1 1/2 weeks. :happydance: I’m working on the second sock right now :doh:

Ooh, pretty! I’ve been itching to knit knee highs. I’m sure it would amuse my mother if I started wearing kniee highs at 28 after refusing to wear them as a child.

What pattern is that?

that’s awesome!

Oooh… very nice! I’ll have to give something like that a try… eventually :slight_smile:

Very good job!

What size needles are you using??

that is beautiful!! I love knee socks :teehee:

I’m using size 2 :happydance:

I’m using size 2 :happydance:[/quote]

Wow! So small! Lots of time, eh??

You really are doing a great job. Hang in there and get the 2nd one done quickly!!

:passedout: Wow!

where, may I ask, did you obtain such a wonderful pattern?

That must’ve taken alot of time…it came out lovely. :slight_smile: :heart: