My first KAL!

I just started my first KAL. It’s for the Ombre Alpaca BLanket I am obsessed with! Please, someone join me in the madness!

You can find it at:

Hi KM!
I checked out the first page of the group; is there another page with a picture posted, or is that the only one? I’ve never seen that book before…

I hadn’t put another picture up but I can go put the full-size image in the photos section. Thanks for telling me!

I have the book with that afghan in it and it just looks as if it would be oh so cozy to cuddle in and read a book or, better yet…do some knitting…lol.
:frowning: but I’m afraid that I can’t join in this (or any)KAL right now bc I am still in the middle of the (by now infamous)afghan that I have been working on for my nephew’s wedding. I stopped all projects for it bc they decided to get married at the last minute & he told me that he wanted an afghan…which is fine…even if it was LAST MINUTE :wall: , NO PRESSURE…lol; no kidding, i would have had it done, i think had i not been a bit under the weather for a while…so it won’t be done for the wedding (may 14!) but i will do no other projects until his is completed…that sounded like a pledge…lol! I think I’ve attached a picture of the afghan that I am in the process of making…i’m still working on the camera dealy…lol…so it may not have worked!

I do wish you loads of luck with this KAL, I’ll be quite honest, I have a list of projects a mile :— (there goes pinnochio with my lying…lol), well I have MANY projects that I must work on before I can tackle a really large KAL, perhaps a sock KAL or something that I can easily knit with another project would be possible. I’m afraid I’m not like a great many knitters that can work on several projects at one time…I’m very monogamous with each project that I am working on & feel the need to finish it before beginning another…unless, like I say it’s a small 2nd project.
FYI…yes…i am a BLABBERMOUTH…i do aLOT of talking…imagine if we were in person without my having to type…scary, ain’t it…I never hush… :roflhard: :rofling:
Much, much luck with your KAL
Hope to see pics of it soon!