My first in the round project!

I’ve never been able to knit in the round. This was one of my goals for the year so I joined the Hat of the Month group on Ravelry to push myself to really learn. Here is the first finished project! It is the Who? hat.

I used a green WoolEase I had in my stash and it only took me one evening to finish it. I’m so happy to have learned this technique. How silly of me to think I’d never be able to do it. I have to say that the tutorials here make things easy to learn.

Your hat is really pretty, love the color and the pattern. Why did you think you’d not be able to knit in the round? SO much easier, IMHO, especially with circular needles (vs. dpns). Good job!

It looks fantastic! I love the owl cables. Just goes to show you should never tell yourself you can’t do something. :slight_smile:

Very nice!! :thumbsup: I too am in the process if knitting in the round for the first time - I hope mine looks as good as yours does!


that’s superbbbbbbbbbbb…kip it up…thnks for sharing

:happydance: It looks wonderful! Congrats on your first in the round project!

Beautiful! You did an awesome job on your first in-the-round project. What’s next?

GREAT job!!! Don’t let anything else intimidate you either. It’s all “easy” once you get the hang of it. :slight_smile:

Very very nice :cheering: :cheering: I have that hat in my queue

What stopped me in the past were two things. DPN’s, just couldn’t get the hang of those things and the whole “be careful you don’t twist your stitches” warnings. Of course, now, it all seems so silly!

Thanks for all your kind comments! It means a lot.:muah: