My first illusion knit!

Hi there,
Got bored last night untangling yarn (don’t ask, failed experiment ;-)), and decided a friend of mine needed a pick-me-up, so knitted up the fleur-de-lys illusion pattern. She’s a huge fan of Milady De Winter, and so loves the symbol. I only had shades of pink in the same yarn in my stash, but she likes pink, so it’s ok - red and gold would have been better but unfortunately my LYS isn’t open at 10pm cry

Here’s the finished pics (didn’t block yet)

Now back to the untangling…

Fi xxx

That looks terrific!

That’s cool!

great job!

i haven’t tried illusion knitting yet. got to put that on the to-do list (like i need more :rollingeyes:) :teehee:

It was really fun to knit and I could do it while watching tv, as long as I made sure I was counting right - so much easier than it looks and it comes out so impressive grin

That came out great! :cheering:

This is the next “technique” I want to try - just have to find the pattern that calls to me-thanks for the inspiration!

Great job!!! :balloons:

That is so cool! It makes me even more excited to start my Shoud of Turin illusion. I ordered the yarn Monday, so it should be here any time. I hope it turns out as well as your fleur de lis.

Very cool. I keep meaning to try illusion knitting but I’ve always got something else going.

That’s great! Is this the pattern you used? :

That is really neat and you did it so quick! The first time I saw one, it was on the tv show Knitty Gritty (I like your’s better!)

Yep, that’s the one :slight_smile: Very good pattern - I used the written instructions cause I’ve always been better at that.

Aww, thanks Jen :heart:

thats really cool:cheering:, I’m getting ready to start my first illusion scarf & I may need your help :?? cuz it looks really hard!:oo:.