My First Hat

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited because I finished my first felted hat. :happydance: This is my first project, besides several scarves and a dozen dish cloths. :lol:

I took a class last Tuesday to learn how to make a felted hat, it was a beginner class, but she said that since I already made a dish cloth I should try this hat. After class I finished my ‘homework’ and thought I can do the next step. I then had to change to dpn. I was going to stop there and wait until Tuesday, NOPE! I continued. The hat was completely knitted by Friday. I was really nervous about washing it, I finally did that Sunday morning. If I do say so myself it turned out great! I LOVE IT!!!.

It is black with a brim that I rolled. There is a blue stripe where the brim meets the hat part. I wish our digital camera worked so I could show all of you a picture.

I brought the hat to school today, and two people have asked me to make one for them!! :smiley: This is hard to believe since I have only been knitting for a month and a half!

Thanks for letting me brag a little. I am just so excited, and I thought if anyone would understand it would be all of you.


:cheering: :cheering:

Congrats! We totally understand!! :wink:

Awesome! I would love to see a picture of it if you ahve the time. I have been thinking about doing a felted hat too.

YAY! :cheering:

Good job! I know whatcha mean about being SO nervous when you are about to stick your first felted project in the wash…I thought I was gonna LOSE IT!

Awesome Stacy! :thumbsup:

Wow, I’m forever impressed with what people can make so early on! Way to go! I hope we do get to see a pic, it sounds lovely.