My first hat

This was only my 3rd project, I did 2 scarves and then I managed to start and finish this hat in one afternoon. Thanks to Ingrid for pointing me to this thread for the directions:

The hat is a little too small for my 18 month old here, I’m hoping it will fit a 6 month old a little better. The scarf here was my 2nd project, which I finished a couple days ago as well. This knitting stuff is addicting!

Okay, as long as I’m posting here I might as well show you my 1st project. Here’s my other daughter wearing my first scarf.

OMIGODDESS how cute are they!!! :inlove: Did you have these professionally taken?

Thanks so much! I’m a professional photographer, I have a studio in my home- so yes, I guess did have these professionally taken, LOL. :smiley:


Wow! Too cute! I thought the pics seemed way to high quality compared to be anything but professional. It’s cool that you will have all of though gorgeous pictures of your girls.

OMG! The photos and daughters are gorgeous! Oh and the knitting is pretty awesome, too!

super cute photos and excellent knitting =D

You did a wonderful job on the scarves and the hat. And, you daughters are beautiful!

:smiley: Your projects are wonderful :smiley: Especially with these gorgeous models :wink: I must say, I love your photography, too :wink:

Okay, I admit I had to go back and look a second time to see the items you knit, 'cause all I saw at first were those adorable little girls. How blessed are you?!? They are precious. :heart:

Oh, and great work on the knitted items. It appears you did a fantastic job! :thumbsup:

Your little girls are the cutest!!! And they made wonderful models for your knitting! Great job!! :cheering:

GORGEOUS - the whole lot!

And what a great combination of work and your hobby! Your little ones are adorable and so fortunate that they’ll benefit from more than one of your talents.

Gorgeous… oh yeah, and the knitting is very pretty too! :wink: I was completely just paying attention to the great photographs!

Your girls looked very happy and proud to be wearing items that you knitted for them. I am sure they will inspire you to knit heaps more. Pretty girls need pretty things - including knitted accessories and I am sure you will have fun selecting yarn and patterns for more garments. And one day you can all knit together. I have already shown my daughter how to make bookmarks and maybe when she is older and I am more patient (yeah, right) we can make something more complicated.

That pink yarn you used was very yummy, I love making baby/toddler hats and big girl scarves with fluffy faux fur yarns even if they can be a pain to work with sometimes. Did that yarn knit easily or did it tangle like the Sirdar Funky Fur does sometimes?

Look forward to seeing more of your knitting and your gorgeous girls. :thumbsup:

Wow! You got that done quickly! Great job, and I concur on the beauty of your girls!!!

Beautiful knitted items! But I’m mostly stunned by your fabulous photography!! Thank you for sharing! :thumbsup:

Thank you all so much for the compliments! :smiley: I’m already itching to start my next project, but not sure what it will be.

I’m not sure what I’m more amazed by… how fast you knit that up, how nice your projects look, how cute the girls are, or how great the photography is… :notworthy:

They are so adorable!!

The items are great, you do knit fast! And I must say you photography is great!! :cheering: