My First Hat on Circular Needles

This is my first hat EVER on circular needles. So far easier than I thought (been scared to do it before, thought it would be too hard.)
The fun will start when I have to move to dpn’s to decrease.


:thumbsup:Looks good!

I’m suppose to have a stitch marker at the start or something like that but I couldn’t figure that out, if I’m suppose to place one at each row or what. So I thought what the hell just start knitting after I did the cast on stitches required.

I’m suppose to be doing this on size 7 circular but from the pics in the books it looks like the hat would be too small for my sons head. And I couldn’t find 16’’ inch long needles. So I moved to size 8.

If I finish this one and I’ve done a decent job. I’m going to try socks next or fingerless or regular mittens.

A stitch marker placed at the beginning of the round (the place where one round meets the next) would move with your knitting:

(Blue ring in the image above.)

You just slip it when you get to it. It helps you make sure that you’ve done the same number of rows all around. Otherwise, you may end up with a lopsided hat.

Sometimes, when I knit in the round, I omit the marker and use the tail at the CO edge to figure out whether I’m at the end of the round.

yeah I’ve been kinda using the CO tail. It hangs there but when I’ve come around to it I’ve known I completed around. But now I get the stitch marker thingie I’ll have to use it next time.

I just use the tail as a marker for my beginning of round. I use actual markers for decreases.

Yeah I’m going to have to use a marker when comes to decreasing.

But so farm I am 4 1/4 inches in length on the hat. I keep saying I am never going to knit with white again, but I always end up knitting with white yarn again.

The lil guy seems excited about the hat, but he ain’t gonna even wear it till its done, don’t want another wear it, throw it off, and run away chasing one of the cats, and never touch it again.

After this, I am either trying a sock or mittens, or fingerless arms warmers.

Looks like you got a really good start. :happydance:

Well I finished it. Not sure how it fits him since hes in bed. But I’m thinking of knitting a longer one. I messed up on the CO count, was suppose to do 80 and did 88, 8 too many, so I had to do some extra decreases. But hey it was my first time doing a hat on circular needles.

Now that I know how to use the stitch marker I might have some ideas for some extra crafts when I find my jewerly tools and polymer clay.

I think I like these projects that only take a couple days becase its hard to keep on something that takes a while to do. Especially when you have one kitten and three cats chasing your yarn :knitting: , while your toddler is trying to strip naked and streak through the house. :blooby:

Sorry not too good of a pic.


Congrats! It looks like it turned out great! Don’t you just love knitting in the round now? So easy - I have to have a no-brainer project on the needles for those times when I don’t want to think about my knitting. Something like this usually works - til you get to the decreases anyway. :slight_smile:

Good for you! It’s looking so nice! Good stitches!

Nice hat!

Very cute hat! I like using circs better than messing wth dpns. Once I learned Magic Loop, I didn’t want to go back to dpns!

That’s totally cool…here’s mine

I’m not really sure how I got this pattern but once I started with it had to stick with it or it would look weird. It’s for my friend Quinny who is a Burnley Football Club supporter in England. So those are their colours. I am also making a sweater for him which is a recent request and will be a little more challenging. Any help with that would be appreciated. :yay:


All of those hats are pretty. I love circular needles and DPN’s. I don’t want to use straights again.