My first hand dyed sock yarn! Look

Sooo…here it is and I am so happy with the way it turned out:woot:Look at the yummy goodness…I think the colors came out so vibrant and blended nicely. I haven’t decided if I want to keep this or venture into selling it on etsy. ( I’m not sure my yarn is good enough to sell) It is 400 yards of BFL superwash wool/fingering weight yarn. So so you like it?!

aimee- thats beautiful!

i mailed you something :whistle:


That is some gorgeous yarn!

Is it something you spun yourself??

That dye job is wonderful!

Ooooooo, very pretty.

OOO YAY:woohoo:

nope just natural colored wool I dyed:teehee:

THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE WONDERFUL COMMENTS!:hug:Now to figure out if everyone is just being nice or does this yarn actually have selling potential?!:teehee:

I’m never nice :roflhard:

and I think the yarn has a great selling potential

Why not knit up a few rounds of k2 p2 and see how it looks?? :knitting:

Your never nice lol I doubt that your a knitting helper. How can you not be nice:teehee:aww thanks cyndi for your comments your making me feel like im oncloud9. Ya know I think knitting a

few rows is a good idea and I just may do that. So what does everyone think is a fair price for this yarn if I were to sell it?

i recently sold some on etsy ($15) it was sock yarn … :slight_smile: for me, it just depends on how difficult (time intensive) your particular dye job is, and the yardage you are selling HTH
(i really like the colors, btw) I got my package today!! Thanks :hug:

Jeanie I bought your embers sock yarn! I loved it!!! Can’t wait to get it. :slight_smile:

i mailed it yesterday! I hope you like it!! (thanks thanks thanks!)

I’m sure I will…I just love teh colors. Was that your first sale?

yep! i am hoping to dye up 2 more skeins tomorrow :slight_smile: