My first go at spindling!

Whee! How fun :smiley: I got my tiny skein finished in just about two days, 36 yards of super thick-and-thin, very soft and fluffy yarn. One ply is 50% mohair/50% wool, and one ply is alpaca and tussah silk.
And now I’m out of fiber… Ack, I can see how addictive this is going to be!!

More, larger images are on my Ravelry page or my Flickr.


that looks really cool! something about that last picture reminds me of caramel. :mmm:

Way to go!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I like those! Any ideas on what you will use them for?

Once I get some more fiber and spin it up, I will probably use them together as a striped scarf or hat. Or, I will buy some yarn and use my handspun for the brim. :slight_smile:

Niiiice. I so need to bust out the spinning stuff. I have a large space bag of mill end roving. hmmm. You’ve inspired me!