My first gift of yarn--where is it?

My mom likes to email pictures of my knitting to family/friends. And a dear friend of the family from Denmark (I have’nt seen her since I was 2; I’m [U]now[/U] 42) sent me a gift of yarn. And I never got it.
She mailed it in APRIL! And I guess when I hadn’t responded, she finally asked my mother, who relayed it to me. In July.
We have a copy of the mailing receipt, and I have checked the US Postal Service website (Bah!). The info (after I retrieved it from the archives) said it was being prepared to be sent from Denmark. So, I searched the web for the Denmark Postal Service (yippee…) which said it was shipped to the US. Any more research will have to be done on her end. But I would love to see this yarn: black wool with silver!

Oh no, that’s too bad! I hope it turns up!

thats not good at all.

i hope it turns up soon.

postal service is as good in america as it is in england then i take it.

not good at all

I hope they find it for you and in good shape. The yarn sounds COOL!

I hope they find it for you. I had a quilt lost and tried everything to have it searched. Turned out the post office said they called the recipient and was told they didnt get it and well they did get it afterall. I had delivery confirmation and it showed it was never delivered so a mass confusion began. Was months till it was straightened out.
I also found out the hard way unless a hand made item is appraised good luck getting insurance paid on it. Apparently they will take the money for insurance but if a claim comes up nada. It opened a whole discussion in my quilting group and surprised many people.