My first FOs: Scarves (what else for a new knitter, right?)

I’ve excitedly been learning to knit, and couldn’t wait for my knitting class to start. This website got me going (thanks Amy!), and I have finished my first two scarves. I also have an elongated stitch scarf (or ladder scarf) in progress and hope to finish it this weekend.

Nothing fancy here, but I am avidly reading through these forums for ideas to liven up boring scarves! (Class started this past monday and we are working on a pillow.)

I love your scarves :slight_smile:

Your scarves look great! You should try a Booga bag, they are very easy to knit and its something other than a scarf!

Very nice! You’ve got a great start!

I’m fond of the fluffy one! :thumbsup:

Nice! They’re looking good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive comments, I’m amazed at how nice things look with just a few simple stitches. It’s the other stuff that I want to make, such as clothing, that has me worried. It’s easy to hide mistakes in the fancy fur yarns, but with the wool it’s obvious!

@rorygilmore: I’ll check out the Booga Bag!

I’m addicted to knitting! :cheering: