My First FO's of 2008

Made up a pair of legwarmer socks for my Aunt, who, due to a old car accident, has some pinched nerves in her legs and was complaining about keeping her legs warm in the wintertime.

You’re such a genial nephew. They came out very nice, did you use a ribbing or thermal stitch for the legwarmer portion.

:thumbsup: Look great!

Ribbing, not familiar with the thermal stitch. used 1x1 ribbing on the leg, then 2x2 ribbing at the ankle.

How nice! I hope they do the trick and keep her nice and cozy!

Nice work! Thanks for sharing! You are a very special man!

I wish you were my nephew, my legs freeze from mid-September to late May. Those are spiffy leg warmers!

I can be up for adoption you know :lol:

They look like they will keep her nice and warm. Great job!