My first FO

I knitted this baby blanket in a simple garter stitch, and it was my first FO.

I gave it today at the shower, and the mom loved it…the best satisfaction with making something.

I’m now trying to decide what to make next…

That is just as cute as it can be. I know the mom just loved it!

That is so sweet! What a good idea to put the little ribbon bows on it. Pretty color, too.

That’s so pretty! How could any mom not love a handmade gift!

That’s so precious! I love the bows, very nice touch.

Great job!!! I tried to do a baby blanket for y first project but it was taking too long and i scrapped it and made humm a scarf and hat… As a newbie i needed that instant gratification hee hee. I love the cute little bows.

Good project. You have definately got the knit stitch down pat!! What a great gift.

So sweet! Congratulations on your first (and beautiful) FO.


Beautiful color! Congratulations on your first FO being so straight and even. Nice work!