My first FO in Filigree Crochet ~ ever


I can not say how happy I am this is finished.

Here’s the story. I have a great Aunt who is loosing her battle with B. Cancer. She offered me all her stuff since she knows I like to knit. So I thought it best if I tried out the craft first.

IN my cocky manner, I choose a pattern and bought what I wanted.

Saucily ignoring guage. When I realized that no amount of ironing would make the thing lay flat I had to rip out 15 rounds… I was not a happy camper.:tap:

Imagine my joy when the only pattern that “fit” what I had bought saucily was an Intermediate pattern. Imagine when I realized, about 20 rows in that the size was a wee bit more than 10 inches across.

Anyhow… it is finished and I am thrilled. I am to visit my MIL tomorrow. This is her mother’s day gift. My excuse is my saucy ignorance and the fact that we moved since mother’s day and now.


WOW! Great work! I aspire to use crochet hooks for more than picking up dropped stitches. Will your aunt get to see it? She’ll be proud of you!
Again, super duper job!

Oh wow… it came out beautifully! Your Aunt will be so proud… and your MIL will love it…

That is beautiful!!

It’s gorgeous. Wow. :passedout:

Wow! What a beautiful first project.

Wow, that is awesome!:woohoo:

Thanks for the compliments!

My MIL liked it but did ask if I was giving a message because it was black.

I said, “Yes, the message that you can put this out where my kids and nieces and nephews could touch it because it won’t stain and is washable.”


My great aunt won’t see it because there was no chance to get it to her first. However, I have started the original project I wanted to make, in the right thread and with the right needle. My great aunt should see that as the next project is a Bridal shower gift and Aunt Ekka should be going to that shower.

That’s lovely. I have never seen any in black before!


That’s beautiful!