My first FO EVER!

I’m very excited, this is my first knitted project so yay! It’s a scarf that my boyfriend asked me to make for his little 1 year old niece. Please give me any critiques on how I could have made it better because I’m still learning :slight_smile:

Awww, that is so sweet! You did a great job.

I love scarves! You did a great job on it!!!

I Love it. its so precious!!

:yay: Yeah! Looks great; I wouldn’t change a thing.

It’s beautiful! and looks so soft!! Great job!

Nice going! You did great!


Awww that’s cute! You did a great job on it!

that is sooo… cute… great job. I know the 1yo will like it! :slight_smile:

What a wonderful scarf! Oh, and you most CERTAINLY are not an old lady!!! :teehee:

Looks great to me :thumbsup:

Looks fabby, and lovely colour! :mrgreen:

That looks wonderful - wouldn’t change a thing! :yay:

Scarves are fun to do and pretty instant gratification, in my opinion.

What’s your next project???

My next project is actually another scarf, a bit more complicated though. Baby steps… Hah :slight_smile: I’m doing this one

Wow…you aren’t messing around - talk about jumping in fast! That will be a great one - can’t wait to see it! :happydance:

Uh oh, I hope it’s not too ambitious!

Great job on the scarf! She will be wrapped in love.

Your next project will be great to practice combining knit and purl stitches. Go for it, you can do it!:yay:

I think you did a wonderful job and don’t need to change a single thing. Congrats on your first FO ever and welcome to the wonderful addiction that is “KNITTING”.

“I am a hopeless knitting addict, but at least I don’t share my needles.”

Very cute and I love the color pink.

:woohoo: It looks great!!