My first FO - Cell Phone Cozy!

So I got the Stitch N’ Bitch book and chose the easiest pattern since I’m a newbie and decided to go with this. I improvised and added a button…the buttonhole was the devil but I conquered it! It’s not very good, but I made it with my own 2 hands. :XX:

And this is the very first practice piece I posted about in this previous post.

Great job on the cozy & dishcloth! I love the color of the cozy! :thumbsup:

Great cozy, your phone looks so comfy in it!

I love that dishcloth! I have to make one now. It looks like your tension got tighter in the center of the cloth, is that just camera tricks?

That and I think the yarn was just softer than I’m used to. I need to get going on other types of yarn to see how I do.

I love the colors of both items! Nicely done!

Cute cell phone cozy - love the colors too!

Both look great. I’m not a fan of buttonholes either…they are tough!

Thanks everyone! I’m making another for a friend of mine who saw the one I made, lol. She has a Treo so it’s slightly larger than an average cell phone and it’s coming out better then mine. Maybe I’ll keep it? :wink:

Those are great! I just finished a checkerboard pattern dishcloth and the next thing in my pile is the kitten one. Great job.

:smiley: Good job on both…u should be very proud :wink:

I love it! :smiley: The cell phone cozy in the SNB book was one of my first completed objects, too. I made mine in kitchen cotton, in a bright lime green. No more hunting for my cell phone in my purse. :mrgreen:

Isn’t knitting fun? :cheering:

Very nice!

Nah, give your friend the one your making now, cause by the third one you will know all the tricks to make it look its best. :oops: Now yall know the real me.

They look great! And Renna what a great idea a bright green cell cozy! I was searching for my cell again and again today, it needs a green cozy!

I love the kitty cloth! And the cell cozy is really cute. Love all the colors you picked.

Thanks everyone! I’m still at it now with the 2nd cozy but it seems to be shaping up nicely. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. :XX:

Nice work!

That cozy is so cute. :smiley: I think I need one of those. I believe you helped me find my next project. THANKS for posting this and you should definately post your other FO! :thumbsup:

GOOD FOR YOU!! A FO is the best feeling–now you’re on the way!! :wink: