My first Fishy Tawashi

It came out too small, and kind of floppy (type of yarn, which is cotton but thin)…

So I made a second fish to sew to it, and bought a small sponge to put inside.

I cut off the sponge corners, sewed 2 fishies tog.

It’s nice and puffy:

I have no idea if it will work as a fun bath cloth for my grandkids…

It’s this thick:

I s’pose I should put eyes on it.

:teehee: That’s cute!!

That is cute!! post pattern, i want to make one or ten for stocking stuffers. looks like a great stash buster.:yay:

It’s a free pattern you can find on Ravelry. I got it here:

Very cute! And functional, too! Great job!

That IS cute!!! What a great idea! I would think it would work well!

color="#330099"That is cute.

Hey, you could put both eyes on the same side like a flounder?